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Betty's statement on March 3rd, 2016 GOP debate

March 4, 2016
March 4, 2016
Last night’s Republican presidential debate was an embarrassment. It was another episode of childish personal insults, racist attacks, and extremist rhetoric displacing any semblance of a civil policy discussion.  The GOP’s circus provides the American people with a sharp contrast to our Democratic candidates. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are dignified, qualified, and focused on improving the lives working families, seniors, and students.
Tuesday night’s DFL precinct caucuses proved our party’s commitment to energizing voters on the issues that matter most to Minnesota Democrats. Sen. Sanders made a strong commitment to winning Minnesota and the hard work he and his campaign supporters put in gave them an important victory. He is to be congratulated.
In this contest for the Democratic nomination I have not endorsed Senator Sanders or Secretary Clinton.  Both candidates are eminently more qualified than the man who appears to be the inevitable GOP nominee – Donald Trump.  This is such an important election. Democrats who participate in caucuses and vote in primary elections across the country should determine our party’s nominee – not Super Delegates.
My goal in 2016 is unequivocal – we must stand united as Democrats to elect our party’s nominee – Senator Sanders or Secretary Clinton – to the White House in November. Here in Minnesota we must also stand united to elect DFLers to Congress and the Minnesota Legislature.
I am proud to be a Democrat and I am grateful for your support. Let’s work hard, support our candidates, and then get ready to win in November.

Betty McCollum
Member of Congress
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