McCollum Explains Her Yes Vote on Raising Debt Ceiling

The bill passed hours before a default deadline, 285-144. President Obama said he would sign it.
Chris Steller

U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum (DFL-MN), who represents Stillwater in Congress, explained her support for the bill to raise the federal debt ceiling Wednesday night: 

“I intend to vote today for the bipartisan Senate plan that puts federal employees back to work, protects American families from the catastrophic economic consequences of a default, and keeps ObamaCare intact. The end of this manufactured crisis, that has hurt so many people, is a victory for common-sense Democrats and Republicans who are willing to put our country ahead of political party. I commend President Obama, Senator Reid, and Leader Pelosi for their steadfast resolve and determination to carry out their constitutional responsibilities in the face of unprecedented congressional recklessness.”

The bill passed the House 285-144

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