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McCollum: Hillary Clinton Will Be an Extraordinary President

June 10, 2016
June 10, 2016
A tough Democratic primary campaign is now over and Secretary Hillary Clinton will be our Democratic nominee for president. I want to applaud the remarkable campaign waged by Sen. Bernie Sanders and his many Minnesota supporters. The movement Sen. Sanders has created is reshaping our party and has most importantly placed the economic and social injustices plaguing millions of Americans as a front burner issue in this campaign. As Democrats we need to continue to fight to advance critical issues like reducing income inequality, confronting climate change, and  stopping billionaires from buying elections.
Looking forward, Hillary Clinton will lead the Democratic Party into November’s election. I am excited to start campaigning to turn out the vote for Sec. Clinton and for our entire DFL ticket. Secretary Clinton’s experience, intellect, and commitment to uniting America make her a great candidate and she will be an extraordinary president. Hillary’s proven leadership and positive agenda is in sharp contrast to the racist, sexist, and hateful Republican agenda put forward by Donald Trump.
On the campaign trail and when she reaches the White House, I look forward to standing with Secretary Clinton to strengthen our economy, create good jobs, and end destructive trade deals. Fulfilling the federal trust responsibilities to Indian Country is a priority for me and I know Secretary Clinton shares that commitment. Together we will also fight for environmental protections, take on climate change, and protect treasured public lands and wilderness like Minnesota’s Boundary Waters.
It’s time for all Democrats to get united, motivated and focused on electing Hillary Clinton to the White House in November!
Betty McCollum
Member of Congress
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