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Meet Sheyla!

Meet Sheyla Jensen-Boyes. Sheyla is a thriving young woman from Mounds View, Minnesota. She’s no stranger to hard work. She’s a member of the Minnesota National Guard, a full-time student, and average about 19 hours a week as a work-study at the Veteran's Welcome Center at MCTC. In addition, she is the President of the Minneapolis Community and Technical College Student Veterans America Charter and volunteers with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  

In January of last year, she was diagnosed with stage-four Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  

Sheyla faced a number of complications while battling the disease that could have ended her life at many points. With the help of her mother and with her community rallying behind her, she has been able to recover. Not only that, she’s become a strong advocate for cancer patients and students affected by the disease and she’s even testified before Congress about her experience.

Recently, Sheyla met with Betty and her staff in DC. Because of that meeting, this week Betty introduced an amendment in the Appropriations Committee that would allow people undergoing cancer treatment to defer student loan payments for up to 6 months after their treatment. For the more than 70,000 young adults diagnosed each year, this could remove a lot of stress and worry. Patients should be focused on their treatment and recovery, not budgeting for student loan payments.

Thank you, Sheyla, for championing this important cause. 


Photo credit: Woodford Sisters Photography in NE Minneapolis

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