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A Note From Congresswoman McCollum

Our nation's politics has become too mean-spirited and just plain ugly. 

In Congress, obstruction and gridlock prevents compromise and common sense solutions from advancing. It's hurting our families. It's hurting our economy. And it's hurting the future of our nation.

I am running for re-election to Congress because we need to bring people together - Democrats, Republicans, and Independents - to help solve the big challenges facing our country.

I'll keep working with both sides of the aisles to reinvest and rebuild our nation's crumbling infrastructure. We need to find common ground to reform our broken immigration system. And we need to meet the needs of businesses and our economy by having the best trained workforce in the world.

As a nation, if we are going to reduce the threat of global terrorism, climate change, and nuclear proliferation - we need leaders who are willing to stand united as Americans first.

In this election I'm working hard to earn your support, and I'm respectfully asking for your vote.

Betty McCollum

Member of Congress

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