Rep. McCollum: Government Shutdown "Manufactured Crisis"

Fourth District Democrat blames Tea Party Republican party for the shutdown, saying they are holding the government and American people hostage.
Scott Carlson

U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum, D-Minn., today blasted Tea Party Republicans for the federal government shutdown, contending the stalemate is the result of a "manufactured political crisis."

McCollum, whose Fourth District includes Roseville, issued the following statement on the political rift:

“Today’s shutdown of the federal government is a manufactured political crisis. It has been inspired and executed by a Tea Party Republican faction that controls House leadership and refuses to fulfill the most basic function of Congress – to appropriate funds to ensure government operations continue.

 “All along Democrats have worked for an honest and responsible solution to prevent a shutdown, including compromising to meet Republican sequestration funding levels in the continuing resolution. 

But that wasn’t enough for these GOP extremists who have now succeeded at holding the federal government and the American people hostage because of their obsession with destroying the Affordable Care Act.

“Let me be absolutely clear: I strongly support the Affordable Care Act; I stand with President Obama to ensure affordable quality, healthcare is available for every American; and gutting ObamaCare is non-negotiable!”

“Unfortunately, this GOP shutdown will not end without citizens across the country – Democrats, Independents, and common-sense Republicans – taking action and rising up against the madness of a Republican Party dangerously out of control.  The time for citizen engagement and action is now.”

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