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The swearing-in of the 115th Congress

January 3, 2017

Dear Supporters and Friends,

Earlier today, I was sworn-in as a Member of the 115th Congress.

It is certainly a privilege and a tremendous responsibility to serve our nation, Minnesota families, and the residents of the 4th Congressional District. This great honor and the opportunity to work to keep America strong is because of the overwhelming support I receive from you and the tens of thousands voters who cast their ballots for me – thank you!

I am a proud DFLer to my core, like you.

So you understand when I say I am concerned about the future direction of our country with Republicans controlling the U.S. House and Senate. And, it is frightening to know that in a few short weeks President-elect Donald Trump will be occupying the White House and serving as our Commander-in-Chief.

The Republican agenda to be advanced will be harsh, regressive, and destructive – to lives, communities, and our environment.

Here is what we should be worried about:

  1. Making Medicare a voucher program is a top Republican priority. This is Speaker Ryan’s pet project and we must fight against his determination to undermine Medicare.
  2. Republican plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act will take away health insurance from 20 to 30 million Americans while forcing health care costs to increase.
  3. Denying climate change will now be federal policy and the environment – clean air, clean water, and protecting wildlife and wildlands – will be under direct attack.
  4. Women’s reproductive health care rights and federally funded services provided by Planned Parenthood will be targeted for restrictions and funding prohibitions. Women will be treated like second class citizens.
  5. Deporting DREAMERS. Denying Muslims entry to the U.S.  Forcing Muslim Americans to register with the government. Building a wall on the Mexican border. These are the dangerous, bigoted policies advanced by Mr. Trump and embraced by Republicans.

For the Minnesotans I represent, you can count on me to speak out, push back, and fight back to protect the policies and values we care so deeply about.  The 4th Congressional District rejects the backwards, harmful Republican agenda and I am committed to represent the voters who sent me to Washington to fight for them.

Thank you for your trust and support!!!


Betty McCollum
Member of Congress

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