[Video] McCollum urges Congress to pass Global Food Security Act

William Lambers

Representative Betty McCollum (MN) spoke on the House floor today, urging passage of the Global Food Security Act. She said it's vital to support the legislation to save millions from hunger worldwide and improve the national security of the United States. McCollum said, "it's the right thing to do." (See video of her floor speech HERE)

The bill, which is supported by over 30 humanitarian aid agencies, would create a White House level coordinator to improve the U.S. response to world hunger. Currently, U.S. hunger fighting programs are spread out over multiple agencies. The issue of hunger does not receive enough attention, which leads many in Congress to propose low funding levels.

McCollum said last week, "Roughly 870 million people around the world suffer from chronic food insecurity. This is wrong, and it makes the United States less secure. This bill fights food insecurity by working with the world’s most vulnerable people to enable them to produce their own food and improve their families’ livelihoods.”

Representative Aaron Shock (IL) added last week, "Malnutrition remains one of the world’s worst problems, and it’s a primary deterrent to the growth and prosperity of developing countries. The United States has a strong history of leadership in providing assistance to developing nations, but a renewed focus and streamlined approach is needed to prevent more children and families from suffering the long-term consequences of malnutrition."

So far 13 representatives have signed on to support the bill (H.R. 2822).

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