President Donald Trump

Congress must reassert its Constitutional authority and hold President Trump accountable for his destructive policies, as well as the blatant corruption infecting his administration. Congress must investigate this president – in public and with full transparency. Mr. Trump has debased the Office of the President with his conduct, insults, and indecency.


Healthcare in Minnesota

President Trump and congressional Republicans are doing everything in their power to sabotage our healthcare system, including working to eliminate guaranteed protections for people with pre-existing health conditions like cancer, diabetes, or HIV. I strongly support the Affordable Care Act which has helped to achieve an insured rate in Minnesota of nearly 94%. I want to see the ACA strengthened, extended, and a public option included to allow individual to buy into government-sponsored health insurance.


Education (K-12 and higher ed.)

The most important role the federal government can play in K-12 public education is to provide full funding to school districts for special education - the Individuals with Disability Act (IDEA). The failure to fully fund IDEA shifts the funding burden to local school districts, and local taxpayers, which then diverts limited resources away from classroom instruction and a high-quality education. Every high school graduate must be prepared and equipped with the fundamental skills and educational foundation to succeed in pursuing a post-secondary educations - apprentice, vocational, or technical school, community college, or a four year college degree.



The Trump administration is making it easier for polluters to poison our air, water, and public lands. Their policies, supported by this Republican Congress, are endangering the health of tens of millions of Americans. Trump’s complete abandonment of U.S. leadership in combatting climate change must be reversed by Democrats and every American who believes in science.  I will work to ban copper-sulfide mining in the Rainy River watershed to ensure the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is protected forever.



I strongly support federal funding for transit and transportation infrastructure. For twelve years I worked to secure nearly $500 million in federal funds to successfully complete the Green Line. Now, with local, state, and federal support we must advance the Gold Line to Woodbury and the Riverview Corridor from downtown St. Paul to MSP International Airport.


Congress must pass comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship. I support the DREAM Act for DACA recipients and I want to see all individuals eligible for Temporary Protected Status to have TPS extended. I am outraged at Trump's reduction in refugee resettlement to the U.S. and policies like incarcerating asylum seekers and separating children from parents is something I completely reject. It should be federal policy for the U.S. to resettle no less than 75,000 refugees per year. The attacks on immigrants and refugees by the Trump administration and the Republican Party must stop.


Taxes and the economy 

The 2017 Trump-Republican tax cuts did not receive one Democratic vote. Republicans passed this tax cut that will add at least $1.5 trillion to the national debt while giving millionaires and billionaires the overwhelming benefit. These unnecessary tax cuts have stimulated income inequality while adding $164 billion to the 2018 federal budget deficit. Their impact on job growth is limited since we are already in a full employment economy, with the unemployment rate in Minnesota below 3%. Now, with the uncertainty resulting from the trade war with China and the imposition of 

tariffs, it is clear that agriculture, manufacturing, and other economic sectors in Minnesota are at great risk of severe harm from Trump's economic policies.  


Gun safety

Despite dozens of mass shootings, Republicans continue to protect guns rather than the American people. The lack of legislative action to appropriately regulate firearms is an issue that demands immediate attention in the new Congress. I support banning assault weapons, requiring background checks for all gun purchases, and banning the sale of high capacity magazines. It is time for citizens concerned about gun safety and responsible gun owners to stand together to demand action that will keep our families and communities safe from senseless and lethal gun violence.


Top priorities for the 4th District
My top priorities include using my position on the House Appropriations Committee to ensure that federal funding and policies benefit the families, businesses, non-profits, higher-education institutions, and units of government here in the East Metro. Protecting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid for seniors and people with disabilities is always a priority as long as Republicans continue to threaten earned benefit programs.  Finally, access to affordable, quality healthcare for all Minnesotans will require Congress to put a check on the Trump administration’s constant efforts to sabotage ObamaCare and basic healthcare protections.


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