Education (K-12 and higher ed.)

Technology, innovation, and creative entrepreneurship are driving the global economy. Science, math, engineering, languages, arts and the ability to work across sectors and cultures are essential to success in the 21st Century. We need every child ready to learn when they start kindergarten and every child – in every grade – ready to learn when they start school every day. Millions of children are living in poverty, experiencing hunger and struggling. The COVID-19 crisis is also an education crisis as every teacher, parent, and student knows. We need a national commitment from all levels of government and the private sector to invest in our children, education excellence, and results based on high standards, the standards by which we are competing globally. This is a matter of economic security for the future, as well as national security if the U.S. is to remain a global leader.

Beyond the COVID-19 crisis, the most important role the federal government can play in K-12 public education is to provide full funding to school districts for special education - the Individuals with Disability Act (IDEA). The failure to fully fund IDEA shifts the funding burden to local school districts, and local taxpayers, which then diverts limited resources away from classroom instruction and a high-quality education. Every high school graduate must be prepared and equipped with the fundamental skills and educational foundation to succeed in pursuing a post-secondary educations - apprentice, vocational, or technical school, community college, or a four year college degree.

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