The fundamental principals of human rights, civil liberties, and due process must be restored. With regard to immigration detention, family separation, and deportation, the Trump administration has abused human rights, repeatedly violated the law, and caused untold misery and even deaths. Republicans use immigrants as a political weapon to inspire their xenophobic and intolerant voting base. The solution is for Democrats to control the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives and restore the rule of law, due process, and a rights based immigration system in which human rights and the economic needs of the nation are balanced.

Congress must pass comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship. I support the DREAM Act for DACA recipients and I want to see all individuals eligible for Temporary Protected Status to have TPS extended. I am outraged at Trump's reduction in refugee resettlement to the U.S. and policies like incarcerating asylum seekers and separating children from parents is something I completely reject. It should be federal policy for the U.S. to resettle no less than 75,000 refugees per year. The attacks on immigrants and refugees by the Trump administration and the Republican Party must stop.

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