President Donald Trump

President Trump has alienated U.S. allies, diminished our credibility in the world, and allowed dangerous adversaries to directly interfere and influence U.S. elections – including the current presidential election. Under Trump, U.S. global leadership has deteriorated to the point where our nation is mocked for its response to the coronavirus pandemic. Mr. Trump has made our country weaker, more vulnerable, and less capable of defending our national security than at anytime since World War II.

Congress must reassert its Constitutional authority and hold President Trump accountable for his destructive policies, as well as the blatant corruption infecting his administration. Congress must investigate this president – in public and with full transparency. Mr. Trump has debased the Office of the President with his conduct, insults, and indecency.

Our nation is in crisis. We are struggling with a deadly pandemic, an economic crisis, a federal budget crisis, a climate crisis, and a President of the United States who has divided the American people and eroded the foundation of our democracy. I have fought hard to mitigate the harm President Trump and Republicans have inflicted upon our nation these past years, but now I am solely focused on helping Joe Biden win the White House so we can start rebuilding America in a manner that achieves economic, racial, and environmental justice for all people. We need to reverse direction and eliminate the bigoted, cruel, and anti-science policies that harm vulnerable communities and limit the potential for all people to contribute to the success of our nation. My constituents have trusted me with their support and now I want to use my experience and leadership to build a better, stronger, and more just America.

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