Vote Early


All voters in Minnesota can vote early before Election Day without providing a reason. To vote by mail, all you need to do is submit an application for an absentee ballot.

Step #1: Fill out your application below, and an absentee ballot will be sent straight to your door.



After you fill out your application, your ballot will be mailed directly to you. Ballots will be sent starting on June 29 for the Primary Election, and on September 21 for the General Election.


Step #2: Complete your ballot.

Make sure you fill out every circle and follow the instructions on your ballot. You will need a witness when you vote and to complete your ballot. The witness can be either a registered Minnesota voter or a notary.


Step #3: Return your ballot.

Once you complete your ballot, all you need to do is mail back the ballot in the return envelope provided in your packet. You don’t even need a stamp!



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