How do I register to vote?

You can check your registration status or register to vote RIGHT NOW through Minnesota's new online voter registration system.  Simply CLICK HERE to access the Minnesota Secretary of State's online registration page.

You can also register at your polling place on Election Day.  If you have moved, changed your name or haven't voted in the last four years, you must update your voter registration.  If you are a student living at school, you must choose to vote either at home or at school but not both.

You must show the eleciton judged ONE of the following documents:

  • Minnesota driver's license, learner's permit or Minnesota identification card (or a reciept for any of these documents) that includes your current address
  • If you are a college student, you may use a current identification card or registration card that includes your current address OR a current student fee statement containing your current address and a photo identification card OR a current student identification card including your photo (if your college has provied a student housing illst to Ramsey County Elections)
  • Oath of a registered voter in your precinct who can vouch for your residence in the precinct.  Employees of nursing homes, shelters and certain other residential facilities may also vouch for the persons who reside there
  • Prior registration at another address in your precinct
  • Notice of late registration mailed to you by Ramsey County Elections
  • Tribal identification card containing your name, signature, address, and photo

If you don't have any of these documents, you can register at your polling place on Election Day by bringing one document from Group 1 below and one document from Group 2 below.  You must have one from each group to register to vote:

GROUP 1:   Minnesota driver's license, ID card with a previous address, U.S. passport, U.S. military ID card, tribal ID that contains your signature, or a student ID card from a Minnesota college.  These documents MUST contain your name and photo

GROUP 2:   Original bill for gas, electric, telephone, cable TV, water, sewer or solid waste services. These documents must include your name and current address and have a due date of 30 days prior or after the election date

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